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When will Newbie Attack Immunity expire? Edit

Newbie Attack Immunity will expire seven days after you start playing, this includes when you're not online! While under Newbie Attack Immunity you may not launch attacks against players, however you may still attack wilderness. If you wish to prematurely end Newbie Attack Immunity upgrade your City Hall beyond level 4.

Where and how can I build more cities when I reach the required Noble Rank?Edit Edit

Click World at the right corner.

Once you are on the WORLD MAP, you simply click on a CLEARING. A small window will pop up describing the land. Click ADD CITY. Voila, new city for you. :)

How do I change my lord name? Edit

Click your lord name next to your avatar and click the pencil icon next to your name in the Player Profile to modify it. It costs you a Name changer (200g) to modify your name.

How do I change my avatar? Edit

Click your avatar to select a different picture.

Exploits What are Exploits for? Exploits have no real use. It is mainly to show off how "competent" you are in combat & honor points might be used in events

Earning Exploits How do I earn exploits? You can earn honor by attacking other players cities, defending yourself/others from player attacks, or by attacking the wilderness areas. If you lose an attack or a defense you will lose honor.

Rank How do I raise my Rank? You to reach specific requirements. To find out these requirements click on the "Quests" Icon located at the top right corner of the screen, scroll down until you see the quest "Promotion" the quest details will tell you what you need in order to raise your rank.

Obtaining Gold
How do I get gold? There are four methods available to you. 1. Buy with real money. 2. Lottery Ceremony (if you're lucky) 3. Some quests give you gold.

Guild How do I join a Guild? To join a Guild click on the shield icon located at the bottom right corner of the game screen. Look through the list of clans and apply for one you're interested in. You will have to wait for the Guild Host/Vice-Hosts to accept you before you can join. You can also ask in World chat for a Guild as well if you find the above process to be slow.

Map Movement: How do I move on the map? To Move on the map, go to world, then click the mouse on any location and pull in the direction you want to move. If you want to move long distance, just click the “Check Map” view and click on the location you want to go

Attacking Wilds How do I attack wilds? In order to attack wilds you need an hero, and you need troops. You cannot attack without one or the other. Assign your hero with some troops then click on the wilderness you wish to attack. When you select your wilderness you have two attack choices. Maraud, or Seize.

Maraud is an hit and run tactic where your hero attacks the wilderness for "precious" items. Seize is an attack which allows you to capture a wilderness which will boost the productivity of one of your resources by a set percent

Workers What happened to my workers? I've only got one left. Your sample motivational speech ran out and you need to purchase (or win from the zodiac ceremony) another one.

Fiefdom What is Fiefdom? Fiefdom, enables you to become a tributary city of a stronger player. first you need to click on the "Foreign" Icon found in the Bottom right corner of the game screen, then click the "Fiefdom Submission" button. Input the coordinates of the city you wish to tribute to then wait for them to accept you. You can also use bookmarked coordinates

Population Cap My Population Capacity is 10000 but it won't go past 5000 what's wrong? The problem here is your tax. If you want more people in your city you will have to lower your taxes. for each percentage of tax you lose a percentage of your population. For example lets say your population cap is 10000 and you set your tax to 50% only 5000 people will live in your city. Income = Tax rate * Current Population. Allegiance = 100 - (grievances + tax rate). Stable Current Population = Max Population * Allegiance%

How do I raise my Prestige? You mainly raise your prestige by building things. That could be buildings, or troops. You can also receive some Prestige by completing certain quests.

Coordinates Somebody asked me for my coordinates what should I do? Unless they're in the same league as you DO NOT tell them your coordinates. Most of the time if you tell somebody where you are they will try to attack you.

Flag How do I change my flag? You need to use the item called "Flag Scholar" the item can be used to change your name, and the flag of your cities.

Player 2 Player Trades Somebody sent me 100k Lumber but I only got 100 what happened? Depending on the difference in prestige you will lose a set amount of resources when transporting a shipment from one player to the next. This is to stop players from abusing the game by creating alt accounts to transfer resources from.

Resource Trades How to I trade? In order to trade you need to first build a market place in your city. Once it is built you can buy/sell Lumber, Crops, Stone, and Iron.

Item Trades Can I trade/sell gold items? No, the only things you can trade are your basic resources. At this time it is impossible to trade anything else.

Logging out If I log out will my city run itself? Yes, you don't need to be logged in to continue your progress. Once you have everything setup your city pretty much runs itself.

Negative NRY (Net resource yield) Why is my NRY for Crops -3000? It means your army is eating more than what you are producing. To fix this you can either move some of your army from one city to another, creating more husbandry jobs, or by dismissing some of your troops.

Colonized I’ve been colonized what can I do? Within the first 24 hours of being colonized you can launch a "war of independence" this gives you an opportunity to fight off your oppressors and give you back your freedom. If 24 hours have past you have two options available to you. You can buy the item "Declaration of Independence" you can also send a message to your sovereign asking them to end their sovereignty over you. Chances are this won't work, but if you're in a decent Guild you can send a warning telling them to let you go or they will be colonized by your Guild. There are also benefits to being under another Lords thumb..

Cease-fire (Diplomat)
I used a Diplomat but somebody is still attacking me is this a bug? No if somebody has already initiated an attack against you and you use a cease fire they can still attack you with the heroes they sent out. After that attack ends they cannot attack you further until 12 hours have passed.

Cool down for Diplomat I'm in cease fire mode but people can still attack me is this a bug? No, the Diplomat gives you 12 hours protection from players, once that 12 hours is over it will take another 12 hours for the Diplomats protection to cool down. You will have a Diplomat icon located at the top left corner of your game screen. If it has an "!" in the picture it means your cease fire has worn out and it is in a state of cool down. During cool down other players are free to attack you

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