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Military Exercise Arena also known as GME is a very important part of Rushwar when it comes to heroes and learning battle formations without the real loss of troops.  The GME consists of different rounds and each round has a different number of troops that you have to fight. As the round numbers grow larger so do the armies. The rounds are numbered from 1-50 with 1 being the easiest and 50 being the hardest.  Defeating a GME round advances it to the next round, so if there are any other attacks going towards the GME that will hit before your attack hits then you may end up fighting a different round than you launched against.   The hero used to launch the attack on a GME uses 40 physical instead of the usual 10.

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Launching Edit

To Launch a GME battle, you need a Church’s Badge and a Noble rank of 3rd Knight. These badges can be gathered from the daily quests by trading in badges. 20 Grey Courage badge will get you 1 Church’s Badge you receive 1 Church’s Badge each day for free.

Hopping In Edit

Join a battle which has been launched by another. This will (usually) help someone win, and at higher levels will also net your hero a lot of experience. Travel time to the GME, no matter where in the world it is located, is 2 minutes. If you are coordinating a group battle, be quick - you only have 2 mins to hop in. Return time from the GME is a maximum of 15 minutes, regardless of distance, but may be shorter if the GME is near your city.

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