Get as many level 1 and 2 Hero's as you can afford to pay DO NOT LEVEL UP these hero's [i got 60 so far], Their primary function is to lead dummies into battle taking fire from your hammer which will be lead by your GEN hero. Level up only GEN Hero's the reason for this is that a level 1 hero is cheaper to hold than a level 255. So to save silver level only your GEN hero's, and use lvl1 and lvl 2 hero's for grinding on wilds this way you dont have to wait for phisical to refill, i alwase hit lvl 2 or lvl 3 wilds for the gray badges and the trade the bages in daily quest for more troop packs,

Hero's 2 - grinding, Cant get enough of them. look coaching house lvl 2 is enough, as we like our taxes put in tech, not in salary. try to stick with lvl 1 and 2 hero's. DO NOT upgrade them ( Except your GEN 3, who will be your consul, wearing his bonus-medal ). Besides that, theres only one rule: [AS LONG AS YOU HAVE ENOUGH PHYSICAL, MARAUD SOMETHING!] Get the first 4 Few Mercenaries packs ( 25 Gray Courage Badge acquired from lvl 2 wilds ) are well suited to maraud lvl 4s ( scout for those without Bombards ), which leads to yellow Courage Badge and medium packs of captives and so on.

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