Want to know if your hero is worth the hassle? Put in its details below. 50+ is good, <45 is not.



>Template:Calculatorform method="post"> Hero Level: <input type="text" name="level" value="3">

Hero Potential:
<select name="pot"> <option value="0">0</option> <option value="3">3</option> <option value="4">4</option> <option value="5">5</option> <option value="6">6</option> <option value="7">7</option> <option value="8">8</option> </select>

Unassigned Trait Points (UTP): <input type="text" name="unass" value="0">

Sway: <input type="text" name="sway" value="0">

Bravery: <input type="text" name="brav" value="0">

Parry: <input type="text" name="par" value="0"> <input type="hidden" name="submit" value="1">

<input type="submit" value="Calculate">

</form > > Thanks :)

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