Lottery system

Lottery system: Edit

In Rushwar, the Lottery system is a wheel of chance, where players can win one of almost every useful game items. to enable lottery, players need to click the lottery icon at the bottom of the game page. Lottery consumes a Lottery Ticket or 5 gold for 1 spin.

Initially, all the 24 slots are hidden in lottery system, once the player enables a spin, the windows slots on lottery will open exposing the items in each slot. There are 4 slots on each side of lottery icon, marked in bold, these slots contain expensive items like gold bags.

if a player has spun lottery for 50 times and wants to stop in the middle of spin, the player need to input 0 in the spin tab and press keyboard enter. if stop is applied in middle of spin, it will stop after current spin is finished.

Winnable items Edit

So far the items to win on the RushWar lottery are:

1000 gold

300 gold

100 gold

50 gold

30 gold

10 gold

Genius 3 Hero

Genius 4 Hero

Genius 5 Hero

Genius 6 Hero

Genius 7 Hero

Genius 8 Hero

Wood Chest

Copper Chest

Silver Chest

All Local Products as individuals.

40k Wood (multiples of)

40k Iron *

40k Food *

40k Stone *

20k Silver *

All Construction speed ups

All Worker speed ups

All Research speed ups

All troop production speed ups

All Defense production speed ups

All Hero physical recovery items

Express service

Hero EXP boosts

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