RushWar is a Construction and Management Simulation City-Building Real-Time Strategy ARPG set in the medieval times.

Gameplay Edit

The objective in RushWar is to build cities and armies, and create your own empire. It is designed as an idle game, so in later stages of the game, tasks can take hours to complete. The game continues to play even when not logged on.

To start off, RushWar has the player concentrate on building up their first city, which is randomly placed in the world. This involves creating cottages to allow more people to fill your city, amphitheaters to hire heros to lead your armies, a university to research upgrades, and hiring your idle population to gather resources.

The first 7 days of play are safe to the player, as other players can not attack a newcomer's city. However, once the 7 days end, the player is vulnerable to attack. To prevent an immediate collapse, the player must build up an army consisting of Pike-men, Sargent`s, Militia, Reiters, and Siege weapons. Of course, the player can also attack other cities.

Another important part is capturing wilderness. By controlling various environments, such as forests and mountains, the rate the player gathers resources is increased. The higher level a wilderness is, the more bonus it provides. However, they also much more difficult to capture, and there is always competition to grab them.

Resources Edit

There are six kinds of resources in RushWar: crops, lumber, iron, stone, Silver, and population. The first four are construction resources and are each collected in a similar fashion. Silver are primarily collected through taxation. Population is dealt with separately.

Construction resources Edit

Crops, lumber, iron and stone are generated by the farm, lumber mill, mine, and quarry. By clicking on those buildings and creating jobs, players can assign idle population to produce additional resources.

Silver Edit

Silver is primarily collected through taxation. The tax rate defaults to 10% and can be changed in the Town Hall. It is a "head tax," taxing the number of people in your city. Thus to gain additional silver you can increase your tax rate or increase your population.

Silver can be earned by selling other resources in the market and are a common quest reward early on.

Population Edit

Population serves three main purposes in RushWar:

  • It provides idle population to work on the farm, at the lumber mill, and in the mine and quarry, to produce those resources.
  • Population is taxed, providing a steady stream of silver.
  • Population is itself a resource for building troops.

Understanding population Edit

Population in RushWar changes gradually, always heading (either by increasing or decreasing), to the population limit. The population limit is determined by the following formula

population limit=population capacity X allegiance X 0.01

Allegiance is the percentage of your population capacity that will be filled. Thus if your population capacity (determined by the number and rank of cottages in your city) is 1000 and your allegiance (determined by your tax rate and grievance rate) is 80, your population limit is 800. Your city will grow or decline to reach that population.

Increasing population Edit

To grow your population, you can take a number of steps based on the formula below:

  • Build more cottages
  • Lower your tax rate
  • Reduce grievance by performing rituals in the temple

Remember, unless your allegiance is 100, you will not completely fill up your population capacity!

Gold Edit

Gold is RushWar`s game currency. It is not to be confused with Silver, which is an in-game resource generated by taxation and rewarded through quests. Gold can be used to purchase nearly anything in RushWar, including additional resources, all items, gambling tickets (zodiac goats) and additional chat authorizations (bugles).

Players primarily get gold by purchasing it with real world cash through Lekools charge account system, however players can earn additional gold by:

  • Completing certain quests
  • Winning it in the Lottery

Ranks Edit

Players can advance ranks by become more proficient in the game. Achieving new ranks allows players certain expanded benefits, including founding additional cities and retaining captured heroes. Once players have achieved a certain number of Prestige, Silver, Local Products, a promotion track opens, allowing them to achieve a higher rank if they have the prerequisites.

Below is a list of Ranks and Prerequisites:



Rank Prestige Silver Resources No. of Cities
Civilian N/A N/A N/A 1
Squire 2,000 20,000 5 Pepper 2
3rd Knight 20,000 50,000 10 Cardamom, 5 Cinnamon 3
2nd Knight 200,000 100,000 10 Cinnamon, 5 cocoa 4
1st Knight 500,000 200,000 10 Cocoa, 5 Liquor 5
Baronet 1,000,000 400,000 10 Liquor, 5 Perfume 6
Baron 2,000,000 800,000 10 Perfume, 5 Ruby 7
3rd Viscount 5,000,000 1,000,000 10 Ruby, 5 Jewelry 8
2nd Viscount 10,000,000 2,000,000 10 Jewelry, 5 Antiques 9
1st Viscount 20,000,000 5,000,000 25 Jewelry, 20 Ruby, 15 Perfume, 10 Liquor 10
3rd Earl - - - 10
2nd Earl - - - 10
1st Earl - - - 10
3rd Marquis - - - 10
2nd Marquis - - - 10
1st Marquis - - - 10
3rd Duke - - - 10
2nd Duke - - - 10
1st Duke - - - 10

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