FANDOM (, has announced the launch of its Brand New Strategy RTS game called Rushwar.
Developers:  Lekool
Genre: RTS
Official Site:

Server name: Warzone

Rushwar is a web based strategy game, with real time construction and military simulation. The game features various different buildings, heroes, and items to play with. Build your own unique city suited to your needs, make alliances and expand your kingdom. Animated battle reports, NPC and PVP battle system, Guild system There are wilds like, Basins, Quarry, Plains and Precipices waiting for you to conquer them. As long as the attack is successful, the wilds will drop items which will help growth. A detailed quest guide system, which helps players grow and guides them on how to proceed through the game. Map glide, is a unique system which helps the players scroll the map by pulling on the map page. Many other features await you in Rushwar, check them out now.

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